BACILLOMIX CO. is made of a team of young and dynamic people with a constant desire for professional development, thus contributing daily to personal and company advancement. Everything we do is for the purpose of preserving nature with the help of science. We have been nurturing our love for agriculture and the countryside since our childhood.


We registered our first and unique to the Balkan market microbiological product and soil fertilizer BACILLOMIX SPECIAL.


BACILLOMIX AURUM B, a biofungicide and a biobactericide, wes registered.


We established the company BACILLOMIX CO. LLC for production and distribution of microbiological products. All products are made of 12 Bacillus sp. strains, whose isolation, determination, morphological and biochemical tests are described in the Master thesis of Nataša Došen, the founder of the company.


At the beginning of 2020, we completed the registration procedure for two new products: BACILLOMIX ORIGINAL, microbiological fertilizer, biostimulator and soil enricher with increased content of live bacterial cells and improved production technology, as well as BACILLOMIX SEMENNOPS for treatment of seed and planting material.


In the spring of 2020, Bacillomix CO. signs a contract with the Innovation Fund, as the leading manager of the project entitled "Improvement of plant growth by using bacteria based bioproduct Biotic B". Within this project, 4 new microbiological products for plant nutrition and protection were registered and produced: Biotic B (for the treatment of vegetables), Botrix B (for the treatment of fruit and vines), Gramino B (for the treatment of field crops) and Razor B (for soil treatment and decomposition of crop residues).


On the 27th of October 2020. the company received an official document from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development allowing us to perform activities in the domain of innovations, as a center for development and production.


In February 2021, the Bacillomix company, as a member of the economic delegation of Serbia, participated in the 8th thematic week "Agriculture and Food" EXPO - Dubai and Gulfood, The largest Annual F&B Sourcing Event In The World, where Nataša Došen, the owner and director of the Bacillomix company, presented the products of the company Bacillomix and its scientific research work to experts in this field and potential customers from several countries: Russia, UAE, Israel, Georgia, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Italy, Poland and many others.


In May 2021, the Bacillomix company received the Grand Champion Cup of the 89th INTERNATIONAL AGRICULTURAL FAIR in Novi Sad.


At the beginning of 2022, Bacillomix CO. signs a contract with the Innovation Fund, as the leading partner of the project entitled "Increased sustainability of plant protection by innovative approaches in Bacillus-based biological plant disease and pest control." This project will last 2 years and is implemented in cooperation with the Faculty of Agriculture in Novi Sad. The result of the project will be the development of innovative biopesticides based on bacteria from the genus Bacillus sp.


In June and July, 2022, Nataša Došen, owner and director of Bacillomix CO, as the only representative of Serbia, together with 26 other professionals from 19 countries, participated in the course of the Israeli MASHAV program: "Feeding the future: food safety and technology in times of global change", which was held at the Robert H. Smith College of Agriculture in Rehovot, Israel.


In December 2022, Nataša Došen, owner and director of Bacillomix CO, received the "Business Leader 2022" award from the Serbian Chamber of Commerce for exceptional results in business.


Team of Experts

Nataša Došen
Master of Agriculture

+381 69 2370 444

Dušan Panić
Plant protection engineer

Sales manager for South Bačka, Srem and Mačva regions
+381 60 1584 107

Nataša Glišić
Agricultural engineer

Sales manager for Banat region
+381 60 1584 103

Žaklina Tomić
Plant protection engineer

Sales manager for North Bačka region
+381 60 3584 109